VRC Invested in Tombot Inc.

Vision Real Capital Group (VRC) advised an investment transaction at Tombot Inc for accredited investors.  Tombot Inc develops “Jennie”, a realistic robotic puppy, with the very first application toward seniors who are suffering from dementia and other health adversaries, with other potential market applications following.  Tombot Inc raised a seed series financing round for Jennie’s manufacturing engineering design and mass production in the past year.

“We are pleased to have Vision Real Capital Group as our strategic investor.  We appreciated valuable advice received from the VRC’s board advisor for Tombot’s long-term development,” said Mr. Tom Steven, the founder & CEO of Tombot Inc.

“Jennie is the most realistic robotic puppy that I have ever seen.  You can feel Jennie’s warm and soothing hair like a real puppy.  Jennie can react to your touches and voice commands as your companion.  You can also hear Jennie when you feel alone”, said Mr Leo Tong, Partner & the CEO at Vision Real Capital Group.  “Tombot is choosing Jennie to be an FDA-regulated medical device as Jennie is designed to serve specific medical benefits for seniors with dementia.  I simply agree to this direction,” Leo added.

VRC has designated a board observer at Tombot Inc and continued to serve Tombot as a strategic partner.